Summer is in full swing now! And we are enjoying the sunshine, the heat, the open windows and the early morning light.

This week you:

  • Attended your first ever BBQ. And you loved it. You had fun running around our friend’s garden, playing in the pool and jumping on the trampoline.
  • You got sick in the car while we were driving to our friend’s house on Sunday, very badly. And that was a scary moment for us as we didn’t know what to do to help you. But once was over you were as happy as ever.
  • And again, you had an upset tummy and got sick during the night after. You woke up crying, but you got to spend the night in our bed.
  • Tried to go down for an afternoon nap without your dummy, but it wasn’t that easy. So we ended up borrowing a dummy from your friend for a few hours as we had forgotten yours at home, and wrongly thought we would have been fine without it! 
  • Said your first word in English! your dad was singing ‘if you are happy and you know it clap your hands’, and you replied ‘Clap, clap’ while clapping your hands. That was a proud moment for us 🙂
  • Kept blabbering so much, even during your sleep! you can only still say very few words, and all in italian, but it looks like you’ll be starting to talk properly very soon. 
And from last week a ‘happy 4th July’ from this cutie from life, love and syntax
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