Under the weather

I haven’t been feeling like my normal self over the past two days. Is it the pregnancy? Is it that I’m eagerly looking forward to maternity leave? Is it that I feel I’m wasting my time? I don’t know exactly what it is, what I know is that, as it stands, my daily routine has gone out of the window, and that the stuff that normally keeps me going is not enough anymore. I can blame the weather as much as I want, but that doesn’t change the way I feel, lethargic, moody, uninspired. This has happened to me before, and I know that it will go away at some point, even without me doing anything about it. But when I’m living it, it sucks and I feel stuck with this grey cloud over my head and not a sign of sunshine on the horizon. I just need to stay still and wait, breathe slowly and take things one at a time. And keep thinking that is my body and brain asking for some rest and quietness.

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  1. Krugthethinker says:

    I'm so sorry to hear that! I do hope you feel better and can get some rest soon. pregnancy is exhausting! On the subject of daily routines, last year I read a great book called Daily Rituals by Mason Currey. It's actually just a collection of the creative habits of tons of interesting people. It was inspiring when I felt like I was in a slump. I think he also has a blog by the same name where you can read excerpts. Might be fun!

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