It’s week 39 and I still love this project! It has been a quiet week this one. We are still enjoying some family time on wednesdays and thursdays when we are all at home, the mild temperatures and the slower pace of life.
This week you:
  • Insisted on wearing my scarf and you were so cool with it!
  • Learned so many new words. Our favourite is when you start jumping like mad shouting “balla, balla, balla!” (Dance, dance, dance!). And we got you in a video while you do that 🙂
  • Saw a comforter similar to yours (just a newer version) in the shop and you got so excited I had to buy it. But it was so worthy, as soon as you got it you started kissing it and made the two comforters kissing each other.
And my favourite from last week are the portraits from Twins, Plus One. Love the colours, the outdoor surroundings and Poppy’s gorgeous smile.
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