Remembering our first day at the beach with a quick watercolour sketch in my weekly art journal. Happy Sunday!

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mums out there! you are all doing an amazing job, whether you are a mother of one or ten kids. Being a mum is no joke and the painstaking job we are all doing should be celebrated and recognised every single day (I’m typing this single handed while my 9 month old is trying to climb over my shoulder). We all have ups and downs, joyful moments and tired tears, but at the end of the day there’s no one else in the world that can replace us. So to all of you, who are struggling in your role as a mother, as I am right now, hang in there and let the world celebrate you on this day. Happy Mother’s Day. xoxo

Sketchbook #5

I always have mixed feelings when I fill up the last page of a sketchbook. I feel content as I have completed something and can move on to the next thing, but also a bit sentimental as it marks the end of a journey, which in this case lasted about 7 years! I started this moleskine pocket size notebook back in 2008, when I had just started to get into outdoor sketching and it has been on and off in my bag since then. Oh so many places and so many memories!

Weekly art journal #1 // January to March

I started documenting my weeks this year through little watercolour illustrations. I didn’t set any specific plans for it, just painting whatever comes to mind and adding some notes here and there. This is how the first three months look like. Enjoy!
The notebook I’m using is homemade (read more about it here)    
I will keep sharing each week on Instagram (here)