30/52 + 41/40

So, we reached week 30 of 52, and by this time we were supposed to be a family of four…I guess we’ll have to wait a few more days!!!
Olivia: enjoying some mother-daughter painting session. I’m hoping I will be able to keep this us time once her brother will arrive and everything else will be disrupted!

Baby boy: I seriously wouldn’t have thought to pass the due date by a week! And since there is no fruit or veg to compare this baby to anymore, it will be just my giant belly this time. One way or another, by this time next week he will be here, joining his big sister in her weekly photo shoots.

Fruits of the womb // week 39

We made it to week 39 and now I’m seriously hoping this will be the last picture of me looking like I’ve actually eaten a watermelon!
I had a screening appointment on Tuesday and everything seems to be going as it should, so we just have to patiently wait and see. I’m starting to get a bit nervous now knowing that any day could be the day!
As per the babycenter newsletter, the baby should now weighs a bit over 3kg (although the smallest watermelon I could find is actually 5kg!) and is roughly 50cm long from head to heel.

Fruits of the womb // 7 weeks and a lot of belly changes

So we are really close to meet this baby boy and I cannot believe how fast this past month has gone by! I had plans to relax, to physically and mentally prepare for this baby, to enjoy the last few weeks of being pregnant. Well, none of this has happened. I spent most of my time running around to understand how the Italian health system works for non residents, to catch up with the many tests and doctors appointments required here, fighting against painful Braxton Hicks contractions and, of course, keeping my 2 year old entertained all day.
The past two weeks have probably been the hardest, so now I’m really looking forward to meet this baby and get rid of this ginormous belly. The baby should be now more than 49.5cm long from head to heel and weighing nearly 3kg.

And below is what the past month my belly looked liked.

This is the first photo I took in our new place, and surely one of  my favourite.

Fruits of the Womb // catchup

I have been very lazy and tired over the past two weeks, not to mention busy, and my weekly blog’s calendar has been thrown out the window. As I seem to have re-gained some much needed energy, I’m trying to get back on track with all the small projects I’m working on. The pregnancy is progressing well, and apart for the ups and downs and general discomfort, I think I’m coping like a champ so far!
This baby boy likes to move a lot, but seems to get quiet when I go to sleep at night…I’m seeing this as a sign that he will sleep through from the start? we’ll see! Anyhow, this is how this baby is supposed to be growing (according to babycenter, although I still don’t understand some of these fruit and veg comparisons!) and how my belly has changed over the past  four weeks.
28 weeks and this baby boy is about the size of a large aubergine. He weighs about 1kg, is almost 38cm long from head to heel, and can blink her eyes (which now sport lashes).
29 weeks and this baby boy is about the size of a butternut squash; he weighs about 1.1kg and is a tad over 38cm long from head to heel.
30 weeks and this baby boy is about the size of a large cabbage. He tips the scales this week at approximately 1.4kg and is 40cm long from head to heel.

31 weeks and this baby boy is about the size of a coconut. He now weighs about 1.5kg and measures more than 40.5cm from head to heel.

PS: Still arguing over the name for this one!!!

17/52 + 27/40

It’s week 17 and no one can stop these two from moving around, one inside and the other out! We had a busy and tiring week, a bit stressful on the work side, but enjoyable on the family side.

This is you chasing “papus” (as you’ve been calling dad lately) in Richmond Park
Olivia: she has been unstoppable, running around, shouting and singing out loud. She seems to be having a really good time, interacting with other children, being more and more independent whatever she does. I let her jump into muddy puddles on Friday afternoon after nursery, and although she was wet from top to toe, I think she had the best time. Shame I don’t have any pictures of that.
Baby boy: this tiny baby is a very active one. I had my appointment with the midwife this week, and although she couldn’t find the heartbeat straight away, she could clearly see him moving! his head is still high up, basically in the upper right side of my rib cage, and that’s probably why sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable when he moves. 

15/52 + 26/40

Let’s just say that it has been a very intense week! And this late post clearly proves it.

Olivia: she keeps surprising me every single day! on Wednesday morning she told me that her dummy was broken and she was going to throw it away. I replied saying that we didn’t have a new one to replace it and that if she was going to get rid of it that would have been the end of it, no more dummy! she went ahead anyway and her dummy ended up straight into the bathroom’s bin. And that really was the end of it! she only asked for it a couple of times, and we simply reminded her what she has done and she was perfectly fine with our answer. I still am in disbelief, if I think about all the worries and attempts trying to get rid of the dummy. She thought me a very valuable lesson, that there is a time for things to happen naturally, without trauma and stress free. Children are ready when they are ready, I just need to trust my little girl a little bit more. On the other end, she’s outgrowing her afternoon nap, and we are truly exhausted!
Baby boy: there’s been a lot of movement with week, clearly visible from the outside, too! I’m just hoping it’s not just a taste of what is going to be like, otherwise we’ll be in trouble. This week this baby boy should be about 36cm long and weight about 750g…I guess all the weight I’m putting on it’s not just because I’m eating without control!

Fruits of the womb // week 25

I truly cannot believe it’s week 25 already! We are in the middle of the second trimester and I started to sleep less and less, and I keep tossing and turning during the night, trying to find a comfortable position every time I turn.  When pregnant with Olivia I didn’t have any problems sleeping on my left side (as highly recommended just so women get stressed out even more with do’s and don’ts!). With this baby boy the only comfortable position seems to be sleeping on my back, which apparently is not good for the baby. But no matter how much I’m trying, I found myself back in that position every morning.
This week the baby is supposed to be the weight of an average rutabaga (aka swede in UK), about 700g, and is roughly 34 cm long from head to heel. 

Fruits of the womb // week 24

It’s 24 weeks and the baby is the size of a ear of corn. He is now almost 30 cm long and has gained about 100g since last week, weighting a total of approximately 600g. As it’s still April, I did find it impossible to find fresh sweetcorn, so I went for two large courgettes!

I have been feeling the baby’s movements a lot this week, especially as soon as I lay down in bed in the evening. I guess I’m not giving him the attention he needs during the day, and trying to make up for it at night time, when everything is quiet and more relaxing.

12/52 + 23/40

It’s week 12 and posting a bit later than usual! I got the spring bug this week, and felt a bit lazy with regard to basically everything, but laying on the couch and playing games on my phone.

Olivia: She surely is a 2-year-old toddler in full swing! she has learnt how to push the right buttons to get what she wants, but when she is in a good mood she is just the best kid a parent could ask for! we have been enjoying playing with sticker’s books, singing out loud and reading stories (she does that by herself at bed time!). And started to ask, especially me, to remain alone in the room while playing, apparently I distract her too much!

Baby boy: It’s 23 weeks, weighting just over 1/2 kilo and measuring more than 28cm…apparently the size of a large mango! Not sure I follow babycenter’s fruits comparisons, but that is what it says.

fruits of the womb // week 22

Yes, I’m using a pack of pasta for this week’s picture as I couldn’t find a spaghetti squash anywhere in the UK!! Also Babycenter says at 22 weeks the baby should be close to 28cm and about 1/2 kg, which is exactly the size and weight of a pack of spaghetti! And yes, I’m wearing my pyjamas, and yes my two year old doesn’t seem too happy in the photo, but she was singing and laughing and moving so much while taking the pictures this was the only which was not blurred.