March Calendar Free Download


March starts the beginning of a new phase of my life. A new day job, which means lots of adjustments, lots of planning and lots of work trying to find a new balance. Our family routine hasn’t been shaken up too much, but surely my daily rhythm has had a sharp turning point. Sitting at my desk to paint daily is going be a distant memory, nonetheless I’m planning to carve out time to create, anytime, anywhere I can.   

Digging out my pen and brush while out and about with the family during the weekend will be on my wish list. And I’m surely will be carrying my painting travel kit everywhere.

Bedtime doodles is another option, less viable as I’m not a night owl and I find working after the kids are asleep almost impossible. But a late afternoon coffee could be of help!

I love sketching in the car before and after work. It’s becoming my favourite quiet and creative time.

And maybe doing a bit of planning and research during my lunch break could help making the most of my free time. Life with kids and a day job is hard, but fulfilling nonetheless.


Enjoy your free monthly calendar and happy March everyone! Spring is on its way.
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A list // March

I am…
making: a painting a month.
cooking:  lots of cereals.
drinking: decaf tea and coffee. And it’s going to be like this for a while.
reading: La banda Sacco(Camilleri).
wanting: to move to Rome.
looking: for signs of spring.
playing: with stickers’ books all day long.
wasting: time at work.
sowing: creative seeds.
wishing: for a slower paced life.
enjoying: planning for our move.
waiting: for the clock to change.
liking:  my effort for sticking to my plans.
wondering: how things will be when baby #2 will be out.
loving: the me time during my lunch breaks (still!).
 hoping: that everything will fall into place.
marvelling: at my growing belly.
needing: a new passport.
smelling: the spring air.
wearing: flat shoes.
following: my fellow expecting mamas (@krugthethinker, @sagerchatter and @peoepea) on Instagram.
noticing: the days are getting longer.
knowing: we will be a family of four.
thinking: it will all be ok.
bookmarking: lots of botanical painting workshops.
opening: the windows to get the warmer air in.
giggling: when Olivia sings to herself.

feeling: a bit clumsy and overweight 🙂

Pick of the Month: March // My favourite online shop

I casually discovered this amazing shop on Etsy, and I have fallen in love since! The first time I went through this shop I was very tempted to buy almost everything they had in stock, but that was because of my pregnancy hormones, and so glad I closed up the page and went back to it the day after with a much clearer mind (otherwise we would have been bankrupt by now!). I ordered a few essential pieces in one go, much needed because of my 4-month-pregnant belly! And if you are wondering if this is a maternity shop, my answer is NO! but because of their loose designs, most of their dresses can easily house a growing belly and to me it is a relief buying clothes that can be also worn after the baby is out.
So far I have ordered quite a few pieces, dresses and blouses, and I’m so pleased with the tailoring, the fitting and the price. Just check the size of their model before ordering to make sure it fits your height (I’m petite and the length of the dresses was perfect).

PS: This is not a sponsored post in anyway. I just love this shop and wanted to share it.

Pick of the month: March / Green

1.Salter Weigh Electronic Kitchen Scale from / 2. Succulents Plants In Ceramic Pot from / 3. Easter Dress from / 4. Scarf from / 5. Vest from / 6. Converse All Star from / 7. Desert Boot from / 8. Sunglasses from / 9. Zaza Crayon Dress by Louche from

I’m rolling with the colour scheme for the pick of the month edition. Winter is almost over and I really need some colour in my life to cheer me up. I have always had this image in my mind, since I was a child, that each month has its own colour and GREEN is definitely the one for March! With all the new fresh green leaves starting to appear, the first green buds on the trees, and St Patrick’s day if you wish, this is the colour to pick!
To celebrate this month, I pulled together a few favourite items for me and little Miss O. And since green is the colour we picked for our kitchen, I’ve also chosen some favourite accessories, some of which have already made their way home!