Autumn wreath


This year, for the first time, I had plans in decorating our front porch. Since we moved to our place a few years ago, I have dreamed of flower baskets hanging outdoor, seasonal wreaths and various decorations. Sadly, none of this has been possible to date; our front porch is literally falling off. So, last summer we finally made the decision to get a builder in September to fix it. Needless to say, that September became mid October, and that has now become mid November. But last week, in the middle of a DIY withdrawal, I made a simple and small autumnal wreath which will be hang outside to inaugurate our new entrance, once is ready. 

I used a small wicker wreath as a base, about 25cm, and covered it with a burnt orange wool yarn. I then sew some felted ball in various colours, but you can easily use a glue gun. I didn’t really follow a pattern, just made decisions on colour and position as I sew along. I then made a hook on the top using some matching yarn and did a little testing, to see where it would sit best on our door. But for the time being is hanging in our living room, out of reach from my little who’s obsessed with felted balls!

Back to Class

I did these two sketches during the first two watercolour classes, after the summer break. The poppy was done following an exercise on my teacher’s book to help loosen up the style for painting flowers. I enjoyed it very much, but still the overall result was a bit of a muddy effect and the red colour of the flower didn’t really show. The second was based on a real oak branch which I picked from the ground on my way back from work. The colours were so autumnal, I wish there was some red colour in it as well…