Wild Rose // botanical collection .01

Working on a new series of botanical subjects. I have chosen to step away from true botanical illustrations for a while, to see how it feels to tackle a painting without having to worry about correct proportions, colours and details.  I have found this new style liberating and the entire process a bit more enjoyable considering the limited time I have available for painting these days. And truly excited about having both flora and fauna in the same plate. What do you think?


Watercolours on HP watercolour paper

Pen outlines on HP watercolour paper

September always brings a renewed energy with it. The days start to get shorter, the evenings are cooler and it feels like you have a second chance to start something new with a fresh and relaxed mind. September it’s the month for planning the rest of the year, thinking about Christmas, deciding which new tv shows to watch, having a wardrobe makeover and a house spring-clean. And it’s the month when you start to slow down again after the hustle and bustle of the summer months.

Sycamore Maple Study

It has been a while since I have done a botanical study of some sort. The acer pseudoplatanus, also known as sycamore maple, is very common in my area; it grows everywhere and there is continuous supply of buds, leaves and branches. Spring buds are the best, with their velvety texture and pink/brownish colours. The leaves are more difficult to paint, first because I find it extremely difficult, second because of the texture…so many wrinkles! It was a good exercise, although my observation skills are not as good as I’d like. However, I enjoyed the entire process, the overall idea of creating pages like this in my pad, with a mixture of notes, pencil drawing and watercolour painting.