Appunti di botanica e workshop gratuiti

UPDATE: English version now available for download!

In occasione della settimana internazionale del taccuino naturalistico, che si svolgerà dall’1 al 7 giugno 2021, ho preparato una piccola dispensa di appunti botanici di base e una lista di elementi caratteristici delle piante che possono esservi d’aiuto nell’osservazione delle specie botaniche e che potete scaricare gratuitamente ai link riportati in fondo alla pagina.

Sul sito ufficiale della International Nature Journaling Week, nella sezione “Pictures” del programma, troverete anche un workshop gratuito in cui vi illustrerò i passaggi che seguo per creare una pagina nel mio diario botanico.

Spero che questi elementi possano esservi utili e di ispirazione per partecipare alle iniziative previste la prossima settimana e iniziare anche voi un taccuino naturalistico

Vi aspetto la prossima settimana con i prompts, i workshops live e le iniziative che troverete pubblicate sul sito.

Following your many requests I have made an English version of the botanical notes and checklist I mention in the free workshop you can find on the International Nature Journaling Week website (here).

Link scaricabili:

Appunti di botanica. Checklist

Appunti di botanica

English version (free download):

Botanical notes

Botanical notes. Checklist

Opening soon!

My new website is going through some final adjustments and hopefully it will be ready by September 1st. I’m saying it out loud because I’ve been working on it on and off for the past couple of years, but never hit the “publish” button…so I finally took a different approach and decided to go live before it was ready; this will give me the kick I need to get things done properly.

See you in September!


August in a nutshell

We became a family of four.

We went visit my in-laws up on the mountains.

We had our little hospitalised with a ear infection.

We spent our first week since we moved to Rome on our own in our new home with our new family… and we survived!

We are ready to start a new season in our life, we welcome you September and happy first month my sweet little guy.

A list // June

I am…

making: fruity flapjacks.
drinking: chamomile tea.
reading: books on parenting.
wanting: to go to the beach as soon as possible.
looking: for the perfect nursing chair.
playing: with water as soon as we get the chance. Thank you Rome for the thousands of fountains at almost every corner.
wasting: time with the italian national health service. No wonder why people go private!
sowing: fresh summer herbs on our tiny balcony.
wishing: we would have agreed on a boy’s name by now.
enjoying: afternoon storms which bring a bit of fresh air.
waiting: for this baby boy to arrive!
liking:  our new neighbourhood and the many things still to be discovered.
wondering: how Olivia will react once she meets her baby brother.
loving: our new big space.
hoping: that giving birth will be quick and less painful as possible.
marvelling: at how well and quick we adapted back to the italian lifestyle.
needing: to lay down very 5 minutes or so. Can’t really stand or seat for too long these days.
smelling: fresh pastries every morning…there is a bakery opposite our building!
wearing: a maternity belt to help ease the pain of this growing belly.
following: lots of new creative blogs on bloglovin.
noticing: how much the sun does to our moods.
knowing: this might not last forever.
thinking: about the SBA diploma course almost every day.
bookmarking: parenting related articles. Potty training is getting us nowhere!
opening: parcels almost daily…we do love some online shopping.
giggling: when Olivia comes to our room in the morning to wake us up. She gives us a kiss and whisper our names, before she start shouting that she wants milk!
feeling: impatient and terrified about giving birth.

Watercolour Solutions

“Le Castella”, Calabria (Italy)
“Le Castella”, Calabria (Italy)

Birmingham Canal, Wolverhampton
Malus “Scarlett”
Marie Boisselot

Watercolour exercises from Watercolour Solutions art class. All the sketches are based on photographs.