Cross stitch fan…not!

We started to receive baby gifts from family and friends! G’s auntie gave us a yellow baby bib with some plain Aida fabric on the front. Since I realised I don’t particularly like proper baby motifs, I chose a stylised tree instead. I initially picked yellow and blue anchor threads, but didn’t like the finished stitch effect (too messy!), so I swapped it for some embroidery thread which was easier to use. After stitching the middle tree I decided to add two other colours to make it less boring and picked some olive green and a lighter blue. Did like the overall results, although I don’t think I like cross stitching very much…….

Purl Hand Warmers

I bought the pattern and the yarn for these so cute hand warmers at the knitting and stitching fair back in October. They come from Purl, who by the way has some amazing patterns and yarns! Somehow I managed to finish them off before Christmas so they became a nice present for my boyfriend’s sister. The instructions weren’t difficult to follow, but the final stitching at the back was hard to do and the results were not extremely pleasing! Overall I liked the idea of homemade presents…will have to start quite early next year though!

Neck Warmer

It’ll be my friend’s birthday this Sunday and I made for her a cute neck warmer much needed for this weather that suddenly turned cold without warning! The pattern is from Jane Richmond and can be downloaded for free from Ravelry. It was quite easy to knit, but I admit I had to start twice as I lost count of the rows and couldn’t find my way out of it. I hope she’ll like it!

New appliqué for my bag

My bag needed a bit of revamping, the fake flower brooch was really not in decent conditions anymore! The idea just kicked: I made a crocheted flower with some some scrap white yarn, put some patterned fabric at the back and a button in front and voilà….my bag is ready to be worn again!