It’s week 11 and we have been enjoying a glorious weather, lots of sunshine and longer days!

This is you carrying your wellies to the car in a bag bigger that you.
Olivia: Her appetite was coming and going all week, but she asked for raw carrots every single day! And thankfully her red raincoat still sort of fits; it will be very difficult to replace…she’s is totally in love with it. 
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0 thoughts on “11/52

  1. mirari says:

    @Marina Cerra
    it's in size 2yrs, but it's still ok for wen, so i guess it'll be ok for olivia along all the next autumn/winter…
    i dont let her choose her clothes because well… today she wanted a new tank top but it's really cold outside!

  2. mirari says:

    she's so in love with the raincoat??? i'll send you wendie's raincoat for the next autumn!!! she already has one bigger so she wont wear it…
    love her little red shoes…

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