We spent the whole week inside trying to recover from the fever and cold as fast as we could, we played a lot and watched a lot more tv than allowed. And we danced and danced, and listened to music all day long. And I could not decide between these two pics, so I used them both!

 This is you relaxing in your bed, while looking at yourself in the mirror
This is you reading mama’s book

This week you:
Wore your Christmas pyjamas, as somehow we managed to soil all the other ones.
Played peek-a-boo with yourself in the mirror; any mirror, including the bathroom taps and the oven door.
Had antibiotics for the first time in your life, but you managed pretty well.
Had more fruit pouches than ever. Strawberry and apple was your favourite and papa had to ran to the supermarket three times to get some more.
Loved watching all the kids going to school in the morning from our living room window. You liked when the lollipop man stopped the traffic to let them cross the road. And we know that in no time it will be you crossing the road, and us watching you from the window!

If you are curious about this project and want to know more, you can check Jody’s blog @ Che and Fidel.

My favourite portraits from last week were those portraits of  Meg Pie‘ s beautiful children; loved the peacefulness and the splash of colour over the almost white backgrounds. Go and have a look!  
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Note: From this week, I will be changing the title of the posts for the project 52, and actually use the one I should have used from the start!