21-27/52: the big 52 project catch up!

So I finally got around catching up with at least one of my projects! This is still one of my favourite as I get to take a weekly portrait (or sometime just a picture) of my sweet two year old. I’m not much of a scrapbooker, and this has proved a simple way for me to record her habits and see her growing up by just comparing each photo from each week at the end of the year. And as I did last here, it’s nice to have a little book by the end of the year as a memento, but also as a nice present for the grandparents. And to be honest, Olivia loves looking through her previous books, so that’s good enough for me for committing to it again this year. As I haven’t been able to post any of the pictures I’ve taken over the past two months, I’m putting them all in here. Of course, it’s not how I would like to run this project or blog, but the latest and forthcoming events won’t allow me to do things any differently. So bear with me and the randomness of the posts until I get back to normality again!
21/52: Resting on the big bed (after lots of jumping!) while we are trying to pack our wardrobes. It has been hard work for all of us, but it must have been very boring for you.

22/52: One of our last day in London. A  cheeky smile after trying cherries for the first time, and learning how to spit the core.

23/52: Moving day and you were the best traveller ever. You did even learned how to sip from water bottle with a sport cup.

24/52: Posing for mama in our new house and on your new chair. There is so much space compared to our old flat in london that you go around riding your scooter.

25/52: Stopping at yet another fountain! you always have a good excuse to play with the water.

26/52: Eating your afternoon snack at the oratorio nearby our house. You love it there, especially when we bring the bucked and you get to play with the water from the fountain.

27/52: Saturday afternoon at the lake of Barrea in Abruzzo. You loved splashing in the water, but refused to go on the pedal boat with your dad. You had the best time ever with your friend “Ato”.
And a big thank you to Jodie for carrying on with this project.