And we reached the half way point! And it doesn’t feel that long ago that I started this project. A lot has happened since week 1, new things have been learned and some old habits have been replaced by new ones. You are growing so fast and becoming more and more independent and a bit of a pain sometimes. But we love you more, and we are proud of you more and more every day.
New trick of the week…hanging on the bar at the playground 
(with your dad close enough to catch you, just in case!)
This week you:

  • Made us kiss each other and give you kisses in the morning.
  • Didn’t want to get dressed! we had to battle and had to force you at the end to take your pyjama off and put some clothes on.
  • Spent too much time playing with phones, laptops and so on. And although we don’t like where this is going we were too lazy to say no and then deal with the consequences! But we are planning to start a detox period from all the electronic gadgets.
  • Had fun playing and spending time with your grandparents. You started to call nonna ‘lalla’ and when calling nonno you just blabbered something incomprehensible.
  • You missed nursery three days, but only because I wanted you to spend as much time with your grandparents. You didn’t seem to notice, let’s see what happen this Friday when things go back to the normal daily routine.
  • You slept less, a lot less. Going to sleep late in the evening, never before 9, and waking up at 6am! And didn’t nap for too long in the afternoon either. I hope it’s just the excitement for having your grandparents here 🙂

From last week’s portraits, my eyes got hooked up by this picture of Ivy from Dreaming of the Country contemplating nature in a wheelbarrow. It makes you love the countryside even more!
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