We have just passed on the other side and I’m still in love with this project. We had a busy week and we are finally enjoying a proper summer! Things look very different when you wake up in the morning and see the sunshine picking trough the curtains, life looks more beautiful than ever.
Picking, and eating, strawberries at our friend’s house 
(thank you Jen for the great picture!)
 This week you:
  • Wore your short sleeves pyjamas and no sleeping bag or blanket.
  • Waved goodbye to your grandparents on Wednesday and cried as soon as they got into the cab. But that was soon forgotten and you turned your interest into something else.
  • Went back to your old habits, i.e. waking up after 7am, as soon as your grandparents left. I guess it was all the excitement of having them here that made you make the most of it!
  • Started nursery full time on Friday. You were happy in the morning and enjoyed playing and having fun. But then refused to go down for a nap, slept for about 30 min in the afternoon and were a bit cranky when I picked you up at 5pm.
  • Got obsessed with shoes. You spent a lot of time trying to put your new sandals on, and even went to nursery holding an extra pair of shoes in your hands. But by the end of the week you got so good at it, you can now put your sandals on correctly. Yeah!
  • Got obsessed with nappies. You wanted me to put a nappy on your monkey puppet and then pretended it had done a poo; you then made a ‘bad smell’ gesture with your hands and face. And that was very funny. But then you started trying to change your own nappy; you learned how to take your dirty one off, to clean yourself using the wipes and almost to put a clean one on. And that was amazing to watch!
From last week, I’m loving Clementine’s portraits from Five Little Flags. Love the face expressions and  the colours of her outfit against the squared light blue wall. Lovely! 
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