It’s week 33 and also the last of our summer holiday in Italy! We enjoyed it ’till the last minute and made the most of it. Italy we miss you already.
This week you:
  • Loved running around your grandparents house. And you were amazed at all the space you had and the new things you discovered.
  • Finally tried ice cream and you sort of liked it, but preferred eating just the cone.
  • Learned to say ‘no’, but you say it in such a cute way that we laugh every time.
  • Played with the potty just for fun, but you did understand what it was for as you started making funny noises while seating on it.
  • Finally enjoyed playing on the beach, walking on the shore and swimming in the sea. We had so much fun together.
  • Had a ‘pizzella’ (small round pizza) and plums for a mid morning snack every day at the beach. And you loved it!

From last week loved Jessica’s face from Yellow Finch Design, so cheeky!

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