It’s week 34 and we are back to normality again! September is in the air, it’s getting chilly in the early mornings and evenings, and the days are visibly shrinking. But the memory of the past holidays is slowly fading away, it feels like it’s time to plan our next one already!
this is you trying to escape carrying a toothbrush and toothpaste

This week you:

  • Returned to your daily routine with no effort, after two weeks of “no rules”!
  • Started saying “cla-cla” when asking for acqua (water).
  • Started saying ‘Oh no!” with a funny voice everytime you dropped something on the floor.
  • Had two of the canines out, only 6 teeth to go and we are done.
  • Learned to do a fake smile, and it’s funnier than your authentic (and beautiful) smile!
From last week loved this underwater face from the bostrom blog, and the so many beautiful pictures.

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