Oh this week! Not much and a lot has happened at the same time. The summer is not quite over yet (yeah!) and we are enjoying our family time in the garden and at the playground.

This week you:

  • Said ‘Mama noooo!’ during lunch time just because I wasn’t eating with you and papa. But the fact is that we laughed so much that you now keep repeating it everytime I don’t do something with you.
  • Finally said the word ‘nonno’ and made your grandpas very very happy!
  • Got another canine cutting through.
  • Had a cough for a couple of days. And were crying in your sleep at night every time you had to cough. But refused to take anything to make it better.
  • Learned to drink from a glass. And you almost seemed a proper grown up until you started dipping your fingers in it!
  • Shedded big proper tears of sadness at the end of one of Musti‘s episode when the turtle starts waving goodbye. I did try to explain to you that the turtle was going to come back, but it didn’t make a difference and I had to hug and comfort you.
  • Loved your new tiny kitchen we got from our local charity shop. It does need some TLC but you didn’t even notice.

From last week got to love Matilda’s shiny red shoes from Little Beds. And glad to know it’s not just my little lady who’s obsessed with red shoes!

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