It’s week 40 and now it feels we are quickly reaching the end of this project! It has been an easy week, even if it was just the two of us for almost three days.
This week you:
  • Talked during your sleep, a lot!
  • Learned how to do the puzzle by yourself, but being stubborn, you got upset if we’d come and help. But then got frustrated if you couldn’t do it right. There is no easy fix to this.
  • Enjoyed our walks in the mornings.
  • Loved playing in the cot with your new handmade quilt, pretending you were asleep.
  • Had a fun playdate at the playground and loved burying your feet in the sand.
  • Ate a lot and slept a lot, this week was magic.
From last week, loving the pics of the two Mummy Karma‘s boys. The light at sunset makes everything shine with magic.

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