It’s week 51 and I’m so in love with with this project! We are spending our holidays in Italy, enjoying family time and eating ice creams all day. I’m posting two photos this week, because I just couldn’t decide which one to use.

This week you:

  • spent hours with your grandparents and aunties;
  • learned everybody’s name, including the cat;
  • ate gelato with gusto (finally!);
  • Loved the feeling of sand on your toes; a very different story from this past summer…;
  • fell asleep in front of the TV for your afternoon nap;
  • went to bed way past your bedtime hour;
  • screamed like hell when we went to see the paediatrician;
  • refused to take your medicine and learned how keep your mouth completely shut.
And this week I’m loving the portraits of the Little Red Vikings; and Mila’s face eating a bowl of chocolate is just my favourite.

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