Documenting 2015: 1/12

Brother & Sister: watching tv while mama cooks dinner has become one of their favourite things to do together. And so far they have not been fighting over what to watch. 

 Over the past two years I have been joining the 52 project, documenting the life of my little lady through weekly portraits. At the end of the year I ended up with 52 pictures and some funny facts about her life (you can check the past weekly photos here), and all of it was printed into a mini book that we also used as a present for our families (you check the one for 2013 here). I love those so much and once in a while my not-so-little-anymore likes to go through the books and likes to ask about all the stories behind each picture. Since my handsome boy joined our family last August, I had the intention of carrying out as the previous years, by taking a weekly picture of both my kids. And then I realised life gets a little bit more complicated with two little people around. I still tend to take tons of photos of them each week with my phone, but the quantity doesn’t always mean quality and also sharing part has proven to be much more difficult than expected. So this year I will just be showing monthly portraits of my littles and, whenever possible, I will be trying to add a portrait of them together; it will be fun to see how their relationship and the way they interact with each other will change in a year. Let’s start with January.

Olivia: Having the time of her life at the playground. She had been asking to go for days and had been not so patiently waiting for the weekend to come.

Vale: Getting accustomed to the high chair a few days before starting to eat solid.