The 52 project: week 5

And I couldn’t be more grateful for this project hosted by Che & Fidel. Every week it gives me the opportunity to give my little Miss a closer look, to make notes of all the funny things she does, all the little steps she takes into toddlerhood, all the changes she goes through and all her emotions. It gives me the chance to collect an invaluable set of pictures documenting an entire year in my child’s life and also the chance to improve my portrait skills (which are lacking at the moment, but i’ve got my camera up and running now!).
This is her this week at lunch time.

 The learning face

 The watching face
The challenging face

This week you:

Let me cut your nails (sort of!) while you were awake.

Started to throw tantrums at meal times (sure we were going to prepare ourselves for the terrible twos, but definitely are not ready for the terrible 14 months!!).

Learned how to do the chicken by putting your hands under your armpits (hilarious!)

Shared your first pizza Capricciosa with your two girlfriends and loved it.