30 Days of Lists // March 2015

And so the listing has begun! After a year long hiatus, I’ve joined the 30 days of lists project back again. If you are new to this, it’s a month long online project where a prompt is sent to you every day and what you do is to jot down a list using whatever style and medium you like. Since I love paper so much, I made my own pamphlet stitch book for this challenge. It’s about 8x12cm, and I used a sheet of patterned paper from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers 2. I then used some small coloured, ruled and lined paper to glue to each page and to write the lists on. 
I will be sharing my lists on Instagram every day (@ marina_cerra) and on the blog at the end of the month. Happy listing!

30 Days of Lists // December 2013 // Lists 1-10

The december edition of 30 Days of Lists has started! So many new topics, so much fun for me to play with a different format than previous editions. Here is my take for the first 10 days!

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30 Days of Lists // my listing book

December is almost here, and so is the December edition of 30 Days of Lists! I like to get things ready before hand, especially this time with the holidays approaching and things getting crazier than usual. So here we go, my listing book is ready to go and so am I!
For this edition I went a bit overboard and decided to try something new. I have previously used an A6 eco seawhite sketchbook, and embellished it with printed out daily lists, stickers, washi tape, and whatever felt appropriate for the daily challenge. This time I will be using something totally different and handmade. I have been enjoying very much making sketchbooks and notebooks lately from scratch, and this is no different. After much debating I went for an easy-to-make concertina book. 
I used two pieces of 4x5in dark grey cardstock and 8 strips of 12x5in watercolour paper, each folded in 3, and attached them together with double sided tape. If you are looking at making one for yourself, check this tutorial from design sponge.
For the front cover I used a bit of everything, from some ribbon, which will also hold the book together once I’m done, to a used first class stamp, but sticking to a black, red and white colour scheme. 
For the inside of the book, it got even more messy, but oh so fun to do! I splashed some red watercolour paint all over the pages, without giving much attention to where the colour would end up and letting it bleed in all directions.
Once dried, the real fun began!
For the daily lists, as usual, I printed out the complete list in advance. Surprises are not really my thing and although I do each list daily, I like to know in advance what’s to come.
For this December edition, I printed each title using some fillable Christmas labels from Catherine Auger (you can download them for free here). To avoid any spoilers, I deleted the titles from the pictures below, so feel free to have a look!
I drew some black stripes to divide pages and title areas, attached the daily titles and used some stamps, butterflies cut-outs and handmade rubber stamps to embellish each page. Here is a sneak peak of the inside of my #30lists // December edition book.
I’m planning to use a stamp for the date, as before, and maybe add some more embellishment as I go along. And I will be using a pilot G-1 0.7 for writing down the lists. Can’t wait to start listing! 
There’s about a week left before the start of this year’s December edition of 30 Days of lists. If you want to know more about this monthly challenge visit 30 Days of Lists and have a look at all my previous related posts here. You can sign up here (it’s an affiliate link), there is still time to register!

30 days of lists // December 2013 edition

30 Days of Lists is coming back for a special December edition this year! and I’m very much excited about this. I discovered 30 days of lists back in March this year, joined in and never looked back. It’s an awesome and easy way to record a snapshot of your life through daily lists for an entire month.
There is no right or wrong way to make a list; some people use just a simple scrap of paper, some others do it digitally, some add photos and embellishments. Whatever suits you, is more than fine. I personally prefer using a little notebook and embellish each page with photos, stamps, stickers. You can check my previous lists here. For more inspiring lists from previous rounds have a look on Instagram under the hashtag #30lists or on Flickr under the 30daysoflistsgroup.
If you are looking for an excuse to get listing, then this is the challenge for you. Subscribe to the 30 days of lists newsletter by clicking the banner below and get ready to sign up for it this Monday, November 11th!

If you don’t feel like waiting until December, you can take up on previous rounds at your own pace. 
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30 Days of Lists // September 2013 // Lists 21-30

And so this project has reached to an end. It feels like this month has gone by too quickly and I haven’t really savoured the daily prompts as much as I would have liked. But so glad I managed to do this once again. It gives me a nice feeling flicking through the pages of the mini book I created for this challenge. And reading back each and every day’s list gives me a new perspective about the month that has just passed. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have time to slow down and think, to enjoy life and to look at it from the outside, but looking back at the lists gives me a sense of accomplishment, a proof of my existence, the sensation that  this September has been a good month after all!
So here go the last 10 lists:

 If you want to know more about this project check 30daysoflists.com; you can still take up on previous lists.

All my previous lists and related posts can be found here. Daily lists are also published on Instagram (here to follow) with the hashtag #30lists and on flickr (here to follow) under the 30daysoflistsgroup.