A day at the beach

Last weekend we made the most of the beautiful weather; we loaded the car and headed to the beach. It was a bit windy and the water a little chilly for a dive, but surely the kids enjoyed playing with the sand on the endless and almost empty beach. We ended the day with a pizza over a spectacular sunset dreaming about the summer to come.  Here’s to a beautiful day!

Documenting 2015: 4/12

Brother & Sister: Chasing each other and laughing like crazy. 
There’s never a dull moment with these two around
Olivia: Sunbathing on the grass after endless hours of playing and running around looking for flowers to pick
Vale: His first pic nic, followed by a very long afternoon nap.
April is, and always will be, my favourite month of the year (and also my birthday month!). We spent a lot of time outdoor enjoying the glorious weather, playing at the park, eating ice cream and picking wild flowers. Loving the longer days and making up excuses for going to bed a little late.

I will be documenting 2015 through monthly portraits of my little ones. You can check the previous months here.

April: around here

Cutting down on coffee to make space for tea
Playing with the alphabet and my watercolours
Cutting hair like it’s her job!
There are more kisses and puzzled faces than anything else these days
Enjoying the weather, the blue skies, the smell of flowers
Making time for just the two of use gets harder by the day, but when it happens it’s magic
Looking for something special everywhere I go. It’s the little things than brings a smile on my face
Discovering new places around our neighbourhood
Changing our weekly menu to make the most of the fresh spring produces

Documenting 2015: 3/12

 Brother & Sister: Playing together looks more like a wrestling match than anything else
 Olivia: Celebrating spring at the park; chasing bubbles, wearing a flowery dress and no coat, because you know…it’s spring!
Vale: making the most funniest faces and sounds. Crawling like a pro and learning to stand by pulling himself up in his crib

We have been literally counting the days ’till spring this month. We had strawberries, fresh flowers and enjoyed our daily strolls around the neighbourhood. Ice cream shops are back in business and we are making sure we visit one almost every day!

I will be documenting 2015 through monthly portraits of my little ones. You can check the previous months here.

Documenting 2015: 2/12

Brother & Sister: Playing and reading books together. It doesn’t usually last very long, but it’s a joy when it happens
Olivia: Recovering from a long period of colds and flu, but always up for a family trip to the playground
Vale: so loud and cheerful
February was short and bitter. We spent most of our days inside, playing games and getting bored at times. We made fresh orange juice daily, we watched tv, we fell asleep on the couch, we got dressed up for carnival. But mostly we laughed together.

I will be documenting 2015 through monthly portraits of my little ones. You can check last month’s pictures here.