Pram Throw Quilt – Update

DIY Project 3 – Update
After much debate and testing on shapes and colours, I finally made up my mind on fabric and design for one of my October projects: the pram throw quilt. I will be keeping the outer border in green and change the inner border from yellow to pink. The pinwheels will stay yellow, but instead of turtles I will be quilting pink vases with green stems and yellow/pink flowers.
I have already cut out all the shapes I need from a piece of paper; next step will be ironing and start cutting the fabric…this is the much dreaded bit!

Felted Pouch

I bought a new laptop just before Christmas and was in desperate need for a nice and coloured pouch. The ones from the shops were not very stylish, and the ones online would have not arrived on time before going away. So I went to one of the local charity shops and got a wool sweater for a fiver, machine washed it, hand stitched it and voila’…my new pouch was ready to be loved by everyone!!

Knitting Needle Roll

I finally sewed together all the pieces for my knitting needle roll! This first one will be for me, the next one I’ll be making will be a Christmas present for a knitter friend. Hopefully, I’ll make less mistakes that I did with this one….still can’t get the hand stitching done properly, hence the zigzag stitch at the bottom 🙂

Recycled felt blanket

My blanket is finally finished! It has been a very long term project, started back at the beginning of this year. I collected several second hand sweaters from charity shops and then felted them using a hot cycle in the washing machine. My mum helped me cut the squares in three different sizes and when I had enough of them I hand stitched each piece together using some gray cotton yarn. I did try sewing the pieces using the sewing machine, but I think a more rough and chunkier final look suited this material better. I’m quite pleased on how it turned out and believe me it is so warm and comfy that we can’t watch tv on the couch without it anymore!

Ongoing Projects

I’m so getting addicted to felt!! I bought some wool sweater from the charity shop just before summer, and after tossing them into the washer and washing them with soap on a hot cycle, they shrank like crazy! I then cut them in squares of three different sizes; they’ll make a very warm winter blanket, perfect for a cosy night on the couch!

The other project I’m working on is a knitting needles roll. The pattern came from here, and it just looks wonderful. I’m currently in the process of making two of those as Christmas presents, but I’m thinking of making one for myself too!