May roundup

May has gone by so quickly. It has been a full month, packed with end of the school year activities, school trips, birthday parties, outdoor activities, after dinner walks, a full moon and fireworks. I almost haven’t had time to stop and notice or take picture, just enjoyed the moments. 

April roundup

This month was full of surprises, mostly good, some unexpected.

 We enjoyed the longer days, the afternoon light and our flowering pots.

 She quarantined over the Easter holidays.

 The kids enrolled and had fun in a chess tournament.

We made a trip to beach.

I started a new painting.

 We went for after dinner rides while visiting the grandparents.

 We had endless afternoons after school

And ended the month with my birthday and beautiful presents

March roundup

Paid a long due visit to the botanical gardens and gathered reference material for future paintings

Filled the pages of my perpetual journal every week

Bought some early birthday presents for me

Made some progress on my ongoing painting

Discovered new places just outside of town

Made time for friends after school again

How’s your March has been?

October Calendar Free Download

We are slowly moving into autumn, savouring these last warm days, spending time outdoor as much as we can, changing our weekly menu to add more soups and comfort food, enrolling into after school activities and attending birthday parties. It’s almost time to bring out jumpers and blankets, time for afternoon teas and apple cakes, time for slowing down after a fast going summer and a hectic back to school. I’m starting to like this season, even if it means shorter days and cool mornings.
What are your plans for this month? Hope something exciting!
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September Calendar Free Download

September is like a new beginning. We had a long summer this year and getting back into a routine feels like an hopeless task. The new school year is just around the corner with Vale starting kindergarten and Olivia primary school; needless to say their approach to school is completely different, if not the opposite. I’m back at work this week, but I feel as I would need a few extra days to reconnect with myself and my home, which are both upside down at the moment.
Endless to-do lists are in order, as well as strategic planning.
Hope you are having a slow “back to school” time and enjoying the last of these long days.

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