3: the magic number!

Dear Olivia,
you turned “almost three” today! This is what you have been saying when asked…the concept of time is still a bit funnily confusing for you. This past year you have surprised us as we could have not possibly imagined. You moved to a new class at nursery, ditched the dummy, went through an overseas move, learned to use the potty, dealt with the arrival of your baby brother, started a new school, got your first haircut. And you did all this in such a natural way that we almost forgot you are only 3. Your life has been turned upside down and you have been dealing with things and behaving and growing as it was normal business. We were a bit distracted over the summer and all of a sudden we were looking at you and realising you had grown into a beautiful and funny and smart little lady. You make us laugh in a way no one does, you make us proud in a way no one else can understand, you keep learning and improving at a speed we cannot control, you keep changing in a way we feel lucky to witness. You are 3 today and we can only wish you to be the way you are for the rest of your life.
With love, mamma and papa’.

You are two today!

Dear Olivia,

This past year has flown by quicker than I could have possibly immagined. You have made huge, unthinkable steps to become the tiny person you are today. One year ago, you had just started walking and now you can ran, almost ride a scooter, jump on the bed, climb the stairs. And you did this all by yourself. I’ve learned a lot about you during this past year. You like doing things without help.  You are stubborn, but the good thing is that you discovered the satisfaction of succeeding when trying hard. You learned to feed yourself, to dress yourself, to make puzzles. And so many other things that skip my mind right now.
You know what you like and dislike, and you make it very clear to us!
This past year has been a joy to discover your cute voice and not just through your screams. You started with a few words, very few, and ended up with so many more we stopped counting them.
It has been such an honour to witness how amazing and loving and funny you are. You make me laugh hard and you are such a good company now it feels like all the hard work has been paid back already. There are still days which are hard, but nothing we can’t handle one way or another. And if sometimes I don’t do the right thing is because I’m also learning on the go here.
So forgive me if I act strange sometimes or differently than usual, I can see your puzzled face when it happens.
Dear baby girl, I can only wish you all the best I could possibly can.
Here to another fantastic year together.
Love you, mamma.

Letter to my almost one year old

Dear Olivia,
This time last year you were about to join our family. We knew you were arriving but didn’t know when exactly.
It all started after lunch on Sunday, the 4th December. We went to the garden centre with your grandparents because your mum wanted to get a nice winter plant to put outside the front door. Everything was ready for your arrival except that one thing! They didn’t have the plant that your mum was looking for, but your grandma, knowing how important that was, suggested we take a red poinsettia…it was almost Christmas after all. And so we did, we took the plant home and left your grandparents planting it outside while we went to the gym. And there it happened, you decided that it was time to get ready, you had enough of hearing muffled voices, of floating around, of not be able to see a thing…it was time you start to get ready to come to this world. It was 4.50pm when I heard you complaining for the first time. We headed back home, excited and scared, oh so scared! We sent your grandparents to the hotel and we started to get ready ourselves….bag for mummy-check!, bag for papa-check!, bag for baby-check! All set then, what’s next? We watched some tv, until we had enough of waiting at home and headed to the hospital. I will skip what happened between 2pm and the time you were born, let’s just say that it was intense and that I don’t remember all the details. But one thing I do remember, your dad was next to me the entire time helping me through the hardest part, nervously waiting to meet you. And there you arrived, at 8.17am all squashed and red, screaming with joy or disappointment, we’ll never know. And we loved you straight away, you were there, within our arms, filling our hearts with joy. It has been almost a year since that moment. And we do love you even more. You are our biggest, and most successful, accomplishment. Thank you for choosing us, little Miss O. We love you. Your mum and dad xxx.