Knitting and Stitching Show @ Alexandra Palace 2011

And I’m done for this year! this is the one show that’s becoming my regular annual thing, been there last year and back again now. It was packed as usual, even on a Friday, but I loved checking each stall and rummaging through baskets full of yarn and fabric!
It was tiring, but I came back home happy and without the feeling of having spent too much money, which I think I didn’t!
One of the best buy of the day was the wonderful PAY PER BOX deal! Basically you get a clear box, I got the £11 one, and you can fill it as much as you can with all the paper sheets you want 🙂
I got loads of plain and patterned cardstock paper. In addition I got 14 rolls of double sided tape of different heights! I’m still very excited about that, it will help finishing off a scrapbook I’m making for the baby before she arrives 🙂

The main goal now is to make sure I use all the things I bought, unlike last year….still have 10 balls of a very nice country wool stored at the back of my wardrobe….what was I thinking!
So here are the next projects added to the list:

DIY Project 3
Make a quilt for my baby’s pram. I’m new to quilting, but I always wanted to try, hence I ‘ll start with something small. I picked a Timmy Turtle Pram Throw kit from The Little Lavender Patch, which came with instruction and all the necessary fabric. I might make few adjustment to the design, but will decide once I start.
DIY Project 4
Make a quilted Christmas stocking for my baby. We still don’t know where we are going to spend the holidays this year, but wherever it will be I will have something to remember my baby’s first Christmas. I haven’t found a tutorial for it yet, but I know for sure I want to put my baby’s name on the sock! I will be using the Countdown to Christmas Charm Pack from  SWEETWATER.
DIY Project 5 (still in the maybe list)
Knit a striped blanket for my baby. I know….it’s all baby stuff, but it’s all new to me, and because all the things I will be making are tiny, I’m hoping it won’t take long to do them….this is my wishful thinking anyway! The yarn I choose is Patons Fairytale Dreamtime 4Ply Baby Wool, in green/red/blue/orange.
I will probably start doing an update and a monthly roundup, just to make sure I do all these projects I’m planning!