October Plan // DIY Projects

Last day of September today, so I thought I get better organised for the coming month! It will be a busy month….finishing off house renovation, attend antenatal classes and a lot of other things that have been on my ‘to do list’ for months now!
But I’ve set two goals I want to achieve by the end of the month:
DIY Project 1 
I’ve been thinking about a large canvas painting to hang on our bedroom wall for about a year, but couldn’t make up my mind on the subject. I knew I wanted to use acrylics to do it, as I wanted it to be big and narrow, and I didn’t feel very confident in using watercolours for doing big washes. So inspiration stroke a few days ago while flipping through The Watercolour Expert, from the Royal Watercolour Society in London (a gift I received from my colleagues when I left my previous job). I came across a painting from David Whitaker called Sunrise – Sunset and I felt in love.
Sunrise – Sunset, Watercolours (49 x 97 cm)
The painting look simple, it’s just a set of stripes with colours ranging from blues/purples to oranges/yellows. But if you look close enough, each stripe actually has most of the colours in it, so it’s not just a matter of painting each of them using only one colour as I thought at first!
Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ll give it a go…it will be my art project for this month. Got a big size canvas (40 x 120 cm) half price from Surbiton Arts, acrylic paints and a roll of narrow paper tape.
I hope that this is all I need!
Forgot to mention that I have never used acrylics before….maybe some tests before starting would be a good idea!
DIY Project 2
For the second project I got inspired by one of the books I got from the library a while ago (post here). It’s a felted bowl, an orange one for our living room to start with, which I will probably use as a keys or jewellery bowl. If it goes down well I’m planning to do a few more as Christmas presents. 
It’s quite easy to knit (instructions to follow soon), but still not sure if I can do it without a circular needle just stitching the ends together before felting! I will give it a go as it is, and see what results I get!