ONE LITTLE WORD // February reflections

I went through the meaning of my word over and over during the past month trying to get a deeper understanding of the overall process and reviewed my intentions several times as a reminder of what the purpose of this word really means to me. But where I really made some progress was answering to two simple questions Ali set into the February handout: What did I learn about myself last month? And How did I best connect with my word? 

One of the biggest discoveries this past month has been the realisation that I can really achieve the goals I’ve set for myself if I keep my mind focused on my word, at any time, in any occasion.

Thanks to an IG artist friend, and fellow mama-to-be, I discovered a wonderful book called “Creating a life worth living“, and the more I read it, the more I can see things clearly.
The physical and emotional side of my word is not really going as planned. But a 5-minutes-a-day meditation time and a brisk walk to/from work are small reminders of the actions I set to accomplish.