Sunday afternoon at the farm

Last week we spent our Sunday afternoon in one of our favourite places: the Garsons Farm in Esher. And although we don’t go there very often, we love this place! It is close to where we live, has miles of fields with all sort of vegetables and fruits, you can pick your own crop, spend some time outdoor and have fun with friends and family.
The weather was great, a bit cloudy but warm and that made our walk very much enjoyable and relaxing. Our little miss slept for half of the time, but when she woke up and realised we were out in the open picking strawberries she was so excited she kept smiling and dancing and shouting the entire time. We did have a bit of tasting in the field, which is really not allowed, but it is very tempting and how can you say no when your little start going around the fields and orchards and start picking strawberries and plums! We all had a wonderful time, laughs with friends and some family time. And enjoyed a freshly cooked minestrone soup as soon as we got home.
Already planning our next visit to stock up pumpkins for Halloween.