The way forward


After months of thinking, and talking, and even more thinking I came to realise that I need this space to be something different. My life has changed drastically since June last year; new routines, new expectations, not to mention a new baby and life in a different country. And so has the time I have available to care for myself and to do what I love. Time is never enough these days, and trying to fit in everything I would like is becoming an impossible, and at times stressful, task. The need to streamline and simplify the way my free time is spent has become a pure necessity, a way to keep me sane without losing my favourite distractions from daily life. And I want all this to be reflected here. So over the next few months you’ll see some small changes on this blog, starting from a long overdue new look. I want to create a cleaner and simpler place, without all the frills and all the things superfluous. I’m still planning to keep this blog as both a creative and personal space, to be a reflection of the two main aspects of my daily living. But I want it to be a bit more about my art and my creative journey. I’m still working on how I want things to look like and what direction I should take, but it’s slowly growing on me and little by little I’ll try to make this place better. So stay tuned if you are curious to see.