We can finally let everyone know…

…that we are expecting another baby for mid July! We safely made it to the second trimester and we felt it was time to spread the news amongst friends and family. We kept it as a secret for three months and it was hard at times, but also felt nice to have a little something just for us. My belly is growing very quickly and it is definitely noticeable now; I wonder when my little Miss will start asking questions about it!
I wasn’t sure how to document this pregnancy. With Olivia I made a minibook to include pictures as well as important dates and facts, but with this one I wanted something simple that didn’t require too much time to put together. I went for the “Fruits of the womb” concept, getting the idea from Amanda O’Rourke of Joy Ever After. Each week I’ve been taking a picture of me, or my belly as soon as it has been visibly protruding out there, and a fruit or vegetable to represent the growth of the baby. I get the comparison between the baby growth and a fruit or vegetable every week from baby centre, making some changes when I couldn’t find the relevant fruit. Starting this week I’m planning to post a picture every week, as well as some facts, if any.

All of the above pictures were taken using my Iphone. Selfies were done using the app Timer Cam and text was added using Phonto. Editing was done using some of the filters on Instagram.