We spent most of our weekend playing outside, enjoying the sun and warm-ish weather as much as we could. And that means I am late with this week post again!

Wearing papa’s woolly hat

This week you:

Had your first proper fall(s) with some minor bleeding. You fell against the tyre of your pram while running in M&S and cut your bottom lip. You fell in the garden on the gravel and bruised your left cheeck. You slipped on your mat and bumped your right cheek against the coffee table. All of this happened within two days…I think we are done for this year!

Had your first proper children menu @ Nandos: veggie strips, luso beans, chips and chocolate frozen yogurt.   Of course you didn’t eat it all (except for chips) and kept asking for mama’s sweetcorns.

Enjoyed playing in our friends’ garden on saturday afternoon. You had so much fun playing with the ball and riding the slide and making everyone laugh.

My favourite from last week are this close up portrait of Lily‘s blue eyes, pure magic, and Bo‘s oh so cute pigtails (I’m still waiting for my little Miss hair to grow a little more so I can make these).

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