Still enjoying the summer and this project! Lots of playing, laughing, blabbering and indoor picnics this week. And also getting ready for our holiday.

This week you:

  • Had fun playing with our old matress. We fold it in two and you loved walking in the middle of it, sliding the sides, and jump on it.
  • Waved mama goodbye and sent kisses when I dropped you off at nursery.
  • Enjoyed the good weather with trips to the playground after dinner.
  • Talked way too much, and really you are becoming such an entertainer we could spend hours just watching you doing your own things.
  • Shouted ‘papa wake up!’ one morning, or this is what we think you said. But you repeated it twice, we both heard it, so that counts!
  • Watched more children videos that normally allowed, but we all had a rough time and that helped us recover and eased our way through the week.
  • Spent an entire day without a nap for the first time and didn’t seem to mind. But we were nackered and put you to bed at 7.30pm.
  • Said the name of your favourite toy (‘nanna’) for the first time. And you had to say it a couple of times before I realised that you were actually saying a new word. We are getting so used to listening to you talking!
And a lot of summer splashes in last week’s portraits from  Forever Lovely. It makes me miss the beach even more!
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