Pick of the Month: July // Summer Wedding

1. Pink Baby Scalloped Edge Cardigan from Monsoon / 2. White Saltwater Sandals from SunSandals / 3. Pink Martina Satin Clutch Bag from John Lewis / 4. Sugar me up Holdall by Roxy from Surfdome/ 5. Pink Maddy Disc Hat from John Lewis / 6. Pink Flower Bud Bando from Monsoon / 7. White Baby Sara Striped Dress from Monsoon / 8. Forever Together Charm from Pandora/ 9. Pink Easy Grip Beaker from Nuby.

This July my little girl and I are prepping up for a summer wedding in Switzerland! We are going for a pink-ish theme here, mainly due to me recycling a dress I wore many years ago (and that miraculously still fit!). The dress code requires wearing a hat, and there is no way I can convince Olivia to wear one, so I’m opting for a flower bando, hoping that she won’t realise she’s actually wearing one!
Loving that Roxy bag, it would be perfect to keep nappies, wipes, clothes change, that colour matching beaker and all the other million things a child needs when out and about, and that I will have to bring to the wedding. Only a few days to go now!