Week 31 and our summer holiday is finally here! We made it through the last week before our trip and the wedding in Bern. And we had so much fun catching up with old and new friends.

This week you:

  • Tried to pull your eyelashes minutes before falling asleep in the evening. You have been doing this from some time, and now I know it’s the sign you are drifting off.
  • Enjoyed watching yourself in the mirror right after your bath. You made me wrap you in your bath towel, pick you up and dance in front the mirror. And you kept laughing like crazy!
  • Behaved like a champ on our solo trip to Switzerland!
  • Were the most beautiful at our friend’s wedding.
  • Used two packs of 64 wipes in three days…mainly to wipe yourself for fun.
  • Made everyone smile during the wedding ceremony as you kept wiping the sweat off your face like an old lady.
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