#30 lists // Catch up!!

My baby girl and I have been sick for a week now! It has been hard for our family of three, but we made it almost to the end (almost!). So I’m playing a catch up here, with a summary of the eight latest  lists. I did made the list on the day, just didn’t manage to post about it.
13. My causes
  • my family
  • a simple life
  • love of nature
  • healthy heating

14. My role models
  • my mum
  • my partner (who is taking care of her two sick girls just now!)
  • anyone  who can reach success without losing their true self

15. Ways I save money
  • paper-less bills
  • charity shops
  • car boot sales
  • online shopping
  • don’t buy if you don’t need it (no excuses!) 

16. This month’s soundtrack (aka Olivia’s soundtrack)
  • Postman Pat
  • Bob the builder
  • Torero camomillo
  • Volevo un gatto ner
  • Il gatto puzzolone
  • In the night garden
  • Madama dore’
  • Il grillo e la formica
  • Il coccodrillo come fa 

17. My biography would include tales of…
  • How I met my mister
  • me living abroad
  • the nine months I was pregnant
  • me being a mother
  • all the amazing things awaiting for me in the years to come

18. So far this year, I…
  • started two challenges
  • started two new projects
  • completed one challenge
  • finished a book
  • had the flu!
  • watched series 2 of ‘Up all night’
  • baked 4 cakes

19. In the next year, I will…
  • start painting again
  • complete one sketchbook
  • turn 37
  • attend my friend’s wedding
  • have a summer holiday
  • move house
  • have another baby (maybe!) 

20. I do not regret…
  • moving to London
  • become a parent
  • buying a house
  • taking time off work to do the stuff I like
  • the career I have chosen (some aspects of it!)
…but now it’s time for a change.

If you are curious about this challenge and want to know more, check the 30 days of lists website. There’s still time to register!! 
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