#30lists / 2. About me

It’s day two of listing!
In case you can’t read my handwriting…
2. About me:
  • I’m Italian and petite
  • I’m a mum and partner
  • I’m very stubborn
  • I’m obsessed with stationery
  • Yellow is my colour 
  • I’m fascinated by botanical art
  • I’m an impulsive crafter
  • Watercolour is my medium
  • I’m still looking for my ‘thing’ in life
I’m still using a black Staedler pigment liner  0.1, although I’m thinking to start using something different as the tip doesn’t really flow on the paper. The text in yellow was written using a Stabilo point88 fine 0.4.

I’ve also added the today’s date using a red stamp (although I’m still mastering the technique), and some extra text at the bottom of the page to record any additional comment/thoughts on the list.

If you are curious about this challenge and want to know more, check the 30 days of lists website. There’s still time to register!! 
Yesterday’s list can be found here.