#30lists / 3. This_, I am going to_

Day three of listing had me writing down my Sunday to-do list!

In case you can’t read my handwriting…
3. This Sunday, I’m going to:
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Online grocery shopping
  • Print Olivia’s pic for nursery
  • Publish #52 blog post
  • Start planning a book blog re-do
  • Book Easter’s holiday
  • Tidy up mu work space – wishful thinking
  • Bake a cake
I was planning to use one of those empty boxes as a bullet point, so I could tick them after completing each task, but I forgot to do it…so here we go, star point it is!

Please check the blog later today, to see what I have really managed to accomplish today!

If you are curious about this challenge and want to know more, check the 30 days of lists website. There’s still time to register!! 
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UPDATE. This is a list of what I really accomplished today:

  • Did our grocery shopping online
  • Printed Olivia’s pic for nursery
  • Published #52 blog post
  • Started planning a blog re-do
  • Baked a cake

5 out of 8, not bad for a Sunday!