A mini book for Miss O


Exactly one year ago we announced to our families and friends that we were pregnant. It was a magic  nine-month wait, with lots of ups and downs, joy and tears, excitement and fear (a lot of fear!). But it was all truly forgotten by the moment Miss O was born; there was no time to even think about how life was before. And so I’m glad I did have the time to put together a little book documenting how we spent the nine months before, what we did and how we prepared ourself to embrace her to our world from the moment we found out we were expecting. 
The idea of the mini book came reading elise blaha’s blog (the mini books guru!); I put it together using a variety of plain and pattern paper, cut to 4″x6″ and bounded using two 25mm rings. The front cover was made using a letterpress machine (I talked about it here) and the title, well, it speaks for itself…we did think about her for nine months (if not before!).
I managed to squeeze nine months in about 50 sheets, above are a selection of random pages from the book.
It will be our ‘how we were before you were born’ memory and a nice little gift for Miss O when she will be old enough to appreciate it.