Settembre, mese di buoni propositi e grandi piani per l’autunno. Dopo Gennaio è il mese in cui mi concedo il lusso di sognare ad occhi aperti, pianificare, organizzare. L’inizio della scuola, il cambio di stagione, il ritorno alla tanto odiata routine che dopo tre mesi di caos e assenza di regole sembra l’unica cosa che possa riportare un senso alle giornate. Eppure è un mese che porta un po’ di malinconia, le vacanze finite, le giornate che si accorciano e il ritorno ad una normalità che mette un po’ di tristezza.
Quest’estate è stata atipica per noi, tanto lavoro, poche vacanze passate insieme, ma tanti piccoli e piacevoli ricordi che tra un po’ prenderanno il sopravvento e faranno sembrare sciocchezze la stanchezza, gli impegni, gli imprevisti della stagione quasi passata.
E così, a fatica, riparto da Settembre per riprendere in mano la mia vita creativa sepolta tra lavoro e famiglia, ma tanto necessaria alla mia esistenza. Riprendo in mano il blog, i piccoli impegni settimanali e alcune delle mille idee che mi sono frullate per la testa durante il periodo estivo.
Pochi progetti in vista, ma buoni e raggiungibili, che spero di condividere presto su questo spazio tutto mio.
Buon inizio!

September, time for daydreaming, planning, organizing, making plans for autumn. The beginning of the school year, the change of season, going back to the so hated daily routine after months of chaos and days with no rules it seems the only thing that can give a meaning to our day. But that’s the month where I feel a little melancholy, the end of the holidays, shorter days and going back to a new normal that’s not as exciting as summer time.
It has been a strange summer for our family, lots of work, few days spent together, but little sweet memories that will overshadow everything else, and the tiredness, the committments and unforseen events will soon be just a distant memory.
I’m starting again this September to look after my neglected, but so necessary creative life, trying to fit it in between a full time job and family life. I’ll start writing on the blog again, carry on small weekly project and taking on a few of the thousands of ideas I had over summer.
A few achievable projects I hope to share with you soon on this space.
Happy beginning!

Opening soon!

My new website is going through some final adjustments and hopefully it will be ready by September 1st. I’m saying it out loud because I’ve been working on it on and off for the past couple of years, but never hit the “publish” button…so I finally took a different approach and decided to go live before it was ready; this will give me the kick I need to get things done properly.

See you in September!


December Calendar Free Download

I enter the last month of the year with excitement and anxiety all at once. December is the month where I’d love to finish all the things that I had planned back in January, a time to tie all the loose ends, but it is also a month with lots of expectation, preparation for the holidays, family gatherings, presents to buy. I wish I could slow down this time of year to just enjoy the season and savour the Christmas spirit. But it takes a lot of self discipline to say “no” to things and avoid being hit by the Christmas craziness.
I hope you’ve enjoyed my monthly planner and I’m hoping to create something similar for next year (talking about things I’d love to do in December!).
Enjoy the holidays, and thanks for stopping by.
Happy December!


November Calendar Free Download

And so come November! We start the month here in Italy with a public holiday called All Saint’s Day. I don’t recall any particular tradition while growing up, except we were home from school and work and  we would have a big family lunch. Nowadays, my kids are more into Halloween as they get to dress up and eats candy and chocolate. But I’m hoping to bring some kind of family tradition for the day this year.
But past the holiday, we tend to start thinking about Christmas already, which is both exciting and stressful at the same time. We also have two family birthdays coming up which require planning and preparation.
So this year I’m making a conscious effort to live the month of November day by day, not making the Christmas/birthday rush getting the best of me and enjoy the small things everyday.
I have a little project coming up for this month which is getting me excited. I will tell you all about it in the next few week….it will involve little time and trees, so stay tuned.

In the meantime enjoy the calm of November before the December storm hits!
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October Calendar Free Download

We are slowly moving into autumn, savouring these last warm days, spending time outdoor as much as we can, changing our weekly menu to add more soups and comfort food, enrolling into after school activities and attending birthday parties. It’s almost time to bring out jumpers and blankets, time for afternoon teas and apple cakes, time for slowing down after a fast going summer and a hectic back to school. I’m starting to like this season, even if it means shorter days and cool mornings.
What are your plans for this month? Hope something exciting!
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September Calendar Free Download

September is like a new beginning. We had a long summer this year and getting back into a routine feels like an hopeless task. The new school year is just around the corner with Vale starting kindergarten and Olivia primary school; needless to say their approach to school is completely different, if not the opposite. I’m back at work this week, but I feel as I would need a few extra days to reconnect with myself and my home, which are both upside down at the moment.
Endless to-do lists are in order, as well as strategic planning.
Hope you are having a slow “back to school” time and enjoying the last of these long days.

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August Calendar Free Download + some photos

We are in the midst of summer, along with school holidays, high temperatures, afternoon naps, al fresco dining, water games and biking rides. Yet, we have to wait a few more days for our family holidays to begin.
In the meantime, we start the month celebrating my 3 year old birthday and savoring the memories July has brought.

Happy August!
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July Calendar Free Download

July is the middle month. It sits between the excitement of June, with the beginning of summer and the end of the school year, and the freedom of August, with the family holidays and lazy days on the beach. It’s the month with lots of plans, weekends away, holidays prep and anticipation. It’s the month where the usual family routine feels a distant memory and the unscheduled holidays activities are still  far away. It’s the start of the second half of the year, and Christmas feels already around the corner.

Wishing you a wonderful month; hoping the weather will be temperate and not too hot!

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Monthly News and June Calendar Free Download

Summer is around the corner, and although we are eagerly waiting for beach days and mountains hikes, the holiday season is still far away.

We are slowly changing our daily routine, adding more outdoor activities, lots of ice creams, pic nics and, much to our dismay, a later bedtime (it’s difficult for the kids to go to bed when there’s still light outside!).

 I’m carrying on with my #100daysofwildflowers project on Instagram, even though I’m a bit behind. I’m learning a lot about wild plants, to take notes and to identify different species.

My perpetual nature journal is being filled every week, slowly transitioning from wildflowers to wild grasses as the temperatures become higher and the rain disappears.

Our balcony garden is slowly, very slowly, growing. Unfortunately we have a north facing balcony, so the plants don’t get much direct sun, and are in the shade for most of the day. Nonetheless, the kids are excited to check on the plants and water them every day after school.

I’ve finally made an attempt at making elderflowers syrup. I’ve discovered it about two years ago, somewhere on the internet, and have been obsessed ever since. This year I finally picked the right time for harvesting the flower heads. 
This is the recipe I used, which was adapted from an infinite amount of online recipes:
50 flower heads
3 lemons (sliced)
2 litres hot water
2 tbsp white vinegar
2 kg white sugar
Pour the hot water into a bowl (I used an alluminium pan with lid) with the elderflower blossoms, the lemon slices, the vinegar and 200g of sugar. Stir gently, cover and leave it for 3 days.
Strain the syrup, add the remaining sugar and bring back to a boil. Pour the hot syrup into sterilized jars or bottles, and carefully close the lid.
The syrup can be stored in a dry cool place up to a year, or in the freezer. Once opened, it can be stored in the refrigerator for about a month. 
I’m planning popsicles, aromatic cold teas and fizzy drinks!

How are you getting ready for the coming summer months?

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May Calendar Free Download

May has arrived in the blink of an eye, leaving behind April’s holidays, chicken pox and the initial stage of new projects. Summer is slowly making its way with warmer temperatures, short sleeves and longer days. I don’t have too many things planned for the month ahead, just keeping up with the things I’ve got on my table feels enough.  Enjoying the outdoors, caring for our balcony garden, carrying on with my #100daysofwildflowers, eating ice creams after school seem to be just right!
Have you got any exciting plans for this month?
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