L Letterpress Combo Kit Review

I finally got it!!! I’ve been looking into this letterpress for months now and was not sure if it was worth the money due to its bad reviews almost anywhere on the internet. Then I came across a review from PaperCrave which led to another review from Boxcar Press, and guess what..I thought maybe it is worth trying!!! My boyfriend was in San Francisco last week……what better than this as a birthday present…and although the extra weight he had to carry…here it is, my brand new letterpress.
So I gave it a go with the basic tools provided, including some extra tips from Boxcar and these are the results:
1st attempt
2nd attempt…much better!
I can see where this tool lets you down a bit…the supplied plates are cheap, very cheap!!
You cannot expect professional results, but overall I was quite excited with the potential of it, especially if you can get customised photopolymer plates! In addition the tool comes with die cuts (round shapes only, but I’m planning to buy different shapes):
You can also buy embossing folders which give you the most amazing effect:
I’m now waiting for some coloured paint and more plates to arrive…..