On listing // 30 Days of Lists

 After the wonderful experience I had in participating at 30 days of lists back in March this year, I didn’t have any hesitation when I received a pre-event registration email from Amy and Kam to sign up again this September.
I love making lists, I make a list for everything; it helps me to free up a bit of space in my brain and not to wake up at night afraid I will forget all the things I want have to do.
My favourite and most used bullet point is a simple black circle, but from time to time I like to experiment with something else, be it a star, a dash, an arrow, you name it.

My favourite paper used to be a simple coloured post-it note that I could stick anywhere and then throw away after each item was crossed off. But a few months ago I designed a number of small to-do-list notebooks which have now become my favourite place for listing tasks, grocery lists, etc. And I’m loving it. And I’m planning to keep them all stored in a box. As I got carried away with making notebooks, I listed some of them on my Etsy shop for fellow listers to buy. Please have a look here.
For this September’s round of 30 Days of Lists I decided to create a similar version of my March notebook (here), to keep everything consistent for this year.

Again I used an A6 eco seawhite sketchbook and embellished with a letterpressed front cover, some washi tape and die-cuts. Plus whatever will come to my mind as I go along this month’s challenges. And I’ve chosen the colour green again.

During the past edition of 30 lists I was publishing a list a day here on the blog. For this current edition, I will be combining the lists in 3 posts throughout the month, each with 10 lists. Daily lists will be published on Instagram (here to follow) with the hashtag #30lists and on flickr (hereto follow) under the 30daysoflistsgroup.

For my previous round of #30lists click here or on the banner on the right side.
For any other info about this challenge, previous lists and to sign up, check 30daysoflists.com.