Sketching in Colour

I’m excited to announce that “Sketching In Colour” is live (again!)!
I have been thinking about having a dedicated blog for my artistic attempts for a while now. My blogging adventure began about 4 years ago, 1st February 2009 to be precise, with “Sketching In Colour“, a place where I could record and share with family and friends all my sketches and drawings. I was attending a number of evening classes back then and the amount of sketchbooks I was consuming was enormous.
Then during March 2010, I decided to share my interests in crafts and created “Crafting In Colour”, where I started to write about all my various craft projects.
Things started to get a bit too complicated, looking after two blogs was a bit too much at that time, so in summer 2010 I merged the two and “Creating In Colour” was born. I loved it from the start! I could write about everything I wanted in there, no restrictions.
And yet, recently I started to miss a place specifically dedicated to my sketches. It felt like my ‘art’ got lost in all the other stuff I started to write about, the projects, the challenges, the photos. My drawings do not really stand out in my blog, and so the urge to re-instate my old “Sketching In Colour” started to grow. 
Because patience is not my virtue, one evening (about a month ago) I copied all the relevant posts that I have been publishing here and pasted them in “Sketching In Colour“; job done, the blog was live again!

Since then I have been planning a blog re-do and a proper re-launch. So, here we are. I’m still planning to make some changes to the blog, like adding tab bars and moving things around; but the main layout has been set, and that’s good enough for me, for now.

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to publish double posts, or hosting a monthly sum-up of “Sketching In Colour” here on this blog; we’ll see what work best.
In the meantime, pop over to “Sketching In Colour” and let me know what you think!