It’s week 13 and loving this project!
Sometimes my little miss O can be so very serious, but it doesn’t last long and that’s why I’ve chosen this picture for this week. It is a bit out of focus, but I love her face and her little finger pointing against her cheek. It was lunchtime and this is her way of telling me that what she’s eating is yummy! 

This week you:

Tasted mama’s face cream and drank some soapy water during your bath. And fun part was that you liked it! I guess we are entering the exploring phase…

Loved taking your socks off and stomp your feet on the foam mat.

Danced to the ‘Grease’ songs, and I loved it so much I made you go to bed a little late.

Enjoyed playing with our friends’ cat “Sunny”. You were not afraid whatsoever, and we liked it (your dad was so proud!).

Have been such an entertainer at our friends’ house. It took you a while to settling in, but after that you were playing hide-and-seek with Ethan and SingStar with Adam.

My favourite portrait from last week was the one of Lamb @ Lamb loves Fox; loved her blue eyes and the ‘I’m not so sure about this’ face. Go and have a look!

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