It’s week 14 and I’m still enjoying with this weekly project. This week has been one of those rare weeks that seems to be lasting forever. I did spend more time with my Little Miss O, as I only worked 4 days and my mister was busy with some work; and this may be the reason for this. We did lots of things together, play dates, shopping, long breakfasts and a lot of playing. And it was fun and tiring, but I liked it.

This is you making fun of yourself in the mirror
This week you:

  • Turned 16 months. Wow, it feels yeaterday I was writing down a similar sentence!
  • Had a playdate with your friends on Monday and had lots of fun riding the slides, playing with the mirrors and climbing the soft ladder. 
  • Loved giving eskimo kisses, especially to your dad.
  • Laughed a lot.
  • Learned to do the pig noise… sort of. You can now imitate the sound of 5 animals, the chicken, the monkey, the fish, the lion, and now the pig!
  • Ate an entire mini pot of Philadelphia with your fingers. I guess using the breadsticks that come with it was not as fun!
  • Cried when I dropped you off at nursery, but by Friday you cried a little less and played a little more.
  • Woke up at 6am on Saturday, and didn’t want go back to sleep. Let’s not make it a habit, please?
My favourite picture from last week’s portraits has to be the portrait of Sunny, from Sunny & Scout, hugging her mama’s pregnant belly; it just had my heart melt.

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