2012 plan

Not much of a plan this year! The Moleskine diary arrived early January and it took me almost a month to write a post about this year goals and plans…not a good start I would say. I’m still adjusting to my new family life and oh boy if it’s hard! But I have good intentions to slowly fit my old daily routine into it, at least until I got back to work after the summer. The plan is going to be a mix of DIY projects and things I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. So here it is:

Finish the Striped Baby Blanket

This is an ongoing project which I started back in October 2011 (you can read about it here and here). Half way through the project I realised I had to buy more yarn to make it the size I wanted, so ended up using three 50g balls for each colour. I’m taking notes of how many stripes I’m knitting in each colour and if does turn out well  I’m planning to post a tutorial on Ravelry.
Learn how to use my camera properly
G bought me this camera (Canon Powershot SX120 IS) for my birthday a couple of years ago and still haven’t managed to learn how to use the manual settings! Since I take rubbish photos all the time, I thought it would be nice to have some nice pics of my little one for a change taken with a real camer rather than the camera phone.

Buy few, but good!
This will be my 2012 mission, no more shopping spree to Primark (…not that I’ll have the time to do it anymore) or “I’m buying this because it’s on sale”! After the arrival of a certain someone, I had to make space for all of her things. While tidying up I realise I collected a lot of rubbish during the past years, and not just clothes! so for this year I’m planning to buy only things that I really need and not just because they are on sale or don’t cost much. I’m also planning to buy more quality, handmade things, things that will last and that don’t bore you after a while. LESS IS BEST will be the motto!