We are almost half way through this project and still looking forward to each and every week! Yesterday was Father’s Day, and to do a bit of celebration I’ve chosen a portrait of Olivia and her dad for today’s post.  They are so alike, and please notice the almost matching t-shirts!
Playing with sugar sachets @ Costa
This week you:

  • Saw your old toys when we were putting them away, and didn’t want to let them go. So now, you have a mobile hanging from your bed and a musical night light!
  • Loved watching Barbapapa’ on the italian tv and asked for it saying the word baba’. So cute, but a bit confusing at first as we didn’t know if you meant papa’, pappa or Peppa pig!
  • Kept doing puzzles before bedtime, and you getting so good at them we decided to buy some more 🙂
  • Had two playdates with the little S and J, and you do like playing with them.
  • Wiped you face and legs everytime we had a nappy change.
  • Missed Father’s Day party at nursery because you fell asleep 15 minutes before the start! oh well, it will be for next year.
  • Stayed home on Monday and Tuesday because of a virus. We went to see the doctor and you were so good you let her do everything she needed to without complaining (only a bit!).
  • Learned to blow your nose and use a tissue. You looked very grown up until you started using the same tissue to clean the table…
And a lovely welcome to little Hawkin from Patchworkcactus from last week’s posts, and congratulation to  the whole family!
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