We are officially into summer this week. And although it’s now cold and grey again, we were able to go around in shorts. This is you this week, enjoying your bare legs and feet.


This week you:

  • Discovered the toilet paper rolls in our bathroom and tried many times to unroll one. But I didn’t let you and you didn’t mind…just started to look for something else to do.
  • Made me sing ‘il caffe della peppina’ hundreds of times during breakfast when preparing and drinking my morning coffee. I sang it so many times for you that I found myself singing it even when I was alone.
  • Refused to wear a jumper one day even if it was not that warm. And every time we manage to put it on, you manage to take it off easily.
  • Asked to brush your teeth every time we went for a nappy change. And pretended to read the label on your toothpaste. Not sure how well you are actually cleaning your teeth, but the toothpaste must have a good flavour.
  • Learned to play the harmonica and you were happily surprised the first time that happened and kept laughing after every sound you were able to make.
  • Made us clap our hands every time you accomplished something, a puzzle, a drawing, and sometimes after every spoonful of food you ate.
  • Played with our keys and tried to open every possible door or lock. But your favourite has been opening the car door. We spent half hour one afternoon outside our house, locking and unlocking our car.
  • Refused to get dressed on Friday. And tried on five different outfits before I forced you to wear one. And you didn’t like it, but soon forgot about it and got distracted by something else.
  • Tried to put your clothes on with no success and lots of frustration. But you succeed in the end with a pair of shorts and applauded to yourself with delight.
And what a better picture to celebrate the summer than this beautifully captured first bath on Gandula‘s blog.
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